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Protected Wildlife Zones

Protected Wildlife Zones

Some areas in Mazandaran Province, due to the presence of a variety of fauna and wildlife have come to be known as protected areas. In these areas, the most important wild species are reindeer, leopard, brown bear, wild goat, roe buck, boar, yellow deer (Iranian follow deer), as well as pray birds, flamingo, waders, pelican, turtledove, grouse, ringdove, vulture, owl, dull-yellow partridge, ortolan, spoonbill, kingfisher, pigeon, heron, goose, crane, duck, eagle starling, boar, etc.

Miankaleh Wildlife Refuges, Behshahr: These are in the Gulf of Gorgan, Ashooradeh Island and Miankaleh peninsula, and extent to approximately 7,000 hectares and are known to be among the most attractive areas in the world. The Department of the Environment as a wildlife refuge protects it and UNESCO has registered it as one of the Biosphere Reserves. Semeskandeh Wildlife Refuges, Sari: The same extends over an area of approximately 1,000 hectares and the yellow deer (Iranian follow deer) is protected here.Dasht-e-Naz Wildlife Refuges, Sari: The said extends over an area of approximately 55 hectares, and is located to the northeast of Sari in the forest plains of this vicinity.Do Dangeh and Chahar Dangeh Protected Area, Sari: Located in the forestlands covering an area of approximately 6,000 hectares in the rural vicinity of Dodangeh and Chahar Dangeh.

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